Testimonial: Courtney G.S.

I started dancing at Heart N Soul when I was nine years old and my experience undeniably made me into the dancer, teacher, choreographer, and overall person that I am to this day.  The teachers helped me gain an appreciation for art and taught me how to express myself through movement.  The training I received gave me both an advanced level of not only technique, but also creativity.  On the technical side, the classes and instruction seek to provide students with skill, strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Artistically, the teachers put an emphasis on giving students the chance to be creative and gain a passion for dance and art in general.

I am honored to now teach and choreograph alongside many of my childhood mentors at Heart N Soul.  Even as an instructor and choreographer, Heart N Soul still to this day provides me with the opportunity to further advance my own skills and artistic creativity by allowing me to work with such talented young dancers.

Courtney Gleaves Sessions
B.F.A. – Modern Dance, University of Utah (2011)

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