Testimonial – Summer L

We have been at Heart N soul for over 10 Years, we couldn’t imagine dancing anywhere else!! The studio owner (Diane) and her staff are all amazing, and know how to teach and work with each and every individual child in different ways!!  I have 4 daughters that dance at heart N soul the range from 4-13 and they call this there second home! We range from taking combo classes once a week to dancing on the highest company team, through all of this we have had great experience with both!! My daughter’s have become beautiful dancers, heartnsoul have provided great technique, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Contemporary, and tumbling!! The studio has been a great support to my daughters and everyone else,  they have put a lot of effort into making the girls feel like family! I would recommend this studio to anyone!!

Testimonial: Courtney G.S.

I started dancing at Heart N Soul when I was nine years old and my experience undeniably made me into the dancer, teacher, choreographer, and overall person that I am to this day.  The teachers helped me gain an appreciation for art and taught me how to express myself through movement.  The training I received gave me both an advanced level of not only technique, but also creativity.  On the technical side, the classes and instruction seek to provide students with skill, strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Artistically, the teachers put an emphasis on giving students the chance to be creative and gain a passion for dance and art in general.

I am honored to now teach and choreograph alongside many of my childhood mentors at Heart N Soul.  Even as an instructor and choreographer, Heart N Soul still to this day provides me with the opportunity to further advance my own skills and artistic creativity by allowing me to work with such talented young dancers.

Courtney Gleaves Sessions
B.F.A. – Modern Dance, University of Utah (2011)

Testimonial: Rachelle C

As a Mom to four girls, I knew dance was possibly a hobby one, if not all of them, would try. And thankfully so, two of my girls have fallen in love with the sport because of their experiences at Heart n’ Soul.

You know it’s the right place when they simply can’t get enough of dance in the studio!

My girls will choreograph and mimic what is being taught at home because they LOVE it. Their skills have increased so dramatically because of the proper training. It’s fascinating!

This alone is the reason Heart n’ Soul will sustain turning out the most amazing dancers. It is also vital as this is what will help my dancers to develop strong habits and grow towards accomplishing their goals.

Heart n’ Soul stays current with dance trends but also stays true to timeless dance fundamentals. The coaches are incredible at helping girls see where they can improve and give them the drive to achieve it, if the dancer wants it.

There is a level of professionalism from Diane, Jana and Jaime that is just astounding. They understand and are easy to work with, on all levels. I feel that they all want the best for my girls!

You don’t get that everywhere.

It is unique to them.

We all are so fortunate to be at Heart n’ Soul and that they are a part of the tribe that is raising my girls to become the best versions of themselves.”