Make up for competition

This year we are changing the eye shadow color.  Lipstick and blush are the same as last year.  Yofi is the brand.  You should have Tingo for the lips and marooned/marooned too for the blush.  Everyone uses their own black mascara, eyeliner and base for the skin. (you need to use base on their face to keep them from looking pale.)  Also please use a primer on their eyelids to keep the eyeshadow on longer.  If you would like to order primer from us let us know. Also please put on lip gloss over your lipstick.  All teams except for Minis, and jr. elites need fake eye lashes.  You can find good ones at Sally’s.  Below is a video showing how to put your make up on.

For Minis, Jr. Elites, and Petite companies we are only having you wear the snowball and platinum eye shadows.  You won’t be wearing the black color.  Be sure to make the platinum as dark as you can on the crease of the eye.       FYI   It helps to have good brushes when applying the eye shadows!

Here are the prices for the kits:

Three shadows plus Sparlking Diamonds with lipstick and blush                 $42.70

Three shadows plus Diamonds only                                                              $28.82

Duo shadows plus Diamonds with lipstick and blush                                     $38.43

Duo shadows plus Diamonds only                                                                 $24.55

Lipstick only                                                                                                $8.54

Blush only                                                                                                   $7.47

EYE Glue (primer)   let us know if you want to order                                  $7.47