Gotta Move Competition April 24-25

Maple Mountain High School        51 N. 2550 E.   Spanish Fork

Below is the information for Friday/Solo,Duo Trio competition and Saturday/Team competition

Because we are in our home town it would be awesome if most of you could try to be there for all of the teams to cheer them on.  Having said that I know that it is a pretty long day and not everyone can but lets please try to be there to support.  It makes a big difference in the performance for team members.  Last weekend was inspiring.  I asked the older teams to be there most of the day and they cheered and supported everyone.  Many younger girls were there for the older girls later.  It was wonderful to see the camaraderie between the ages and level of dancers.  We had fun!!! And we did great!!!  Lets do a repeat!

FYI   you can go to and get the complete schedule.  Print it out and bring it with you.

Friday info.

2:45   Doors open

3:30  Competition Begins

This competition takes place in the Auxiliary gym, Main Gym and on the Stage

Stage competition

Cambree Snow   (she is first)   3:30

Aspen Smith   3:45

Jakell smith   4:00

Abbie and Ella   4:15

Oaklee Tingey   4:30

Brighten Bills  4:50

Dalaney, Maddy, Jaqlyn    6:15

Sydney, Kylee, Jenna     8:20

Aleeta Eyre    8:45

Kenadee Limb   10:00

Main Gym

Nicole Horlacher    4:00

Addison & Charley    4:45

Aubrey Wyson    5:10

Olivia & Austyn    5:30

Evie Crotts    6:15

Brandy Sensabaugh  9:30

Sydnee Winegar   9:45

Baylie Sanderson   9:48

Auxiliary Gym

Madison Shepherd  5:00

Aleah Ryder   7:45

Early Awards   Main gym   6:30     Final Awards  in Main Gym     10:30


7:00   Doors open

8:00  Competition Begins


Admission is        One day for Teen and adults  $7    $5  for children 3-12  Two day pass   $10  Teens and Adults   $8 for children 3-12

We would like the teams to be here at these times

Minis        7:30  AM    First dance is  Grow Up    14 dances later  Thrift Shop

Jr. Elites    7:30  AM   First dance is Boots     18 dances later  Americano

Pre Teen Elites    10:30     First dance is Tippy toes     12 dances later is  Folding Chair

Jr. Company    11:00    First dance is Anchor  Your last dance is Diva at approx. 5:30   Anchor awards are at 2:30  you will need to be there till the end for your other dances awards.

Pre Teen Company   3:00    First dance is Move      You will need to stay to the end for Final awards

Teen Company     3:00       First dance is My Girls     You will be there to the end

Sr. Elites   and Teen Elites   5;00     First dances   Carousel, and You Don’t Even Notice     You will be there to the end

Sr. Company    6:00    First dance is Give Us a Little Love     You and  Teen Company will have some quick changes  Be prepared

Thirsty and Blow are in the Gym  don’t forget!

Early awards are at Approximately 2:30   Final Awards will be approximately 10:00  Both in the Main Gym

Reminder   You can go to to get the schedule.

As you can see Minis and Jr. Elites won’t have anyone to cheer them on in the morning so it would be nice to have some dancers there to support them.

Teams don’t forget to wear your Jackets and Pants during the competition!!


We are also posting information on our blogspot –


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