Gotta Move Competition April 22/23

This weekend we will be competing at Maple Mountain High School  51 N. 2550 East, Spanish Fork.  Because we are in our home town lets all get out and support each team all day.  I know that it makes for a long day but each team needs encouragement.   I am going to give the times that each team needs to be there in order to perform their dances.  But please lets all try to be there all day.

Jenna Muirbrook and Kylee Crook compete their solos on Saturday morning at 7:30 on the Stage.  Sydney Warner, Abbie Sparks and Ella Rosenbaum compete their trio and solos at 7:30 in the Large gym.  All other solo duos begin Friday at 3:30.  Go to to look for your lineup for solos

The team competition begins at 9:15.  Our teams are competing on the stage.   There will be other studios competing in the gym so don’t get confused.  “Too Darn Hot”  is our only dance that will be competing in the gym.  They will compete at 1:45.

Again doors open at 9:15

Elite company and Excel Company arrive at 7:30      Hero and Bravado are your first dances.

Showstoppers      arrive at 8:00      Walk the Dinosaur is #2    Supermarket is #16

Divas and Hot Shots    arrive at 9:00    I Do Adore and Sunny Day are your first dances.

Rising Stars    arrive at 10:30  Your first dance is Post It.  Welcome to New York is about 30 minutes later.

All Stars   arrive by 12:30  Supabeat is your first dance.  Open Hands is about 30 minutes later.

Super Stars     arrive by 3:00     Fashion is My Kryptonite is your first dance.  Dreamer is about 40 minutes later.

Extreme and Express Company  need to be there by 12:00    Too Darn Hot is your first dance and is performed in the Gym.

Encore Company    arrive by 3:30    For You I Will is your first dance.

We will have t shirts by Friday maybe by Thursday for dads and Moms.  We ordered for those who said that they wanted one and a few extras.  The cost is $15.

Here is the cost for spectators at the competition:

$7 for one day pass   $5 for children age 3-12       $10 two day pass   $8 for children      $2 for a program

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