Competition information

I have noticed a buzz around the studio.  Everyone is excited to perform their dances at our first competition.  It makes me smile when I hear, “I have already got  my dance things all packed in my bag”  .  I heard this yesterday and they are not leaving until Friday.  I love it!! The passion and enthusiasm in these dancers is real and it rubs off onto me.  Its a great feeling!!  I am excited to watch all of the dancers perform.  They have worked hard!!!  Good Luck to all of you!

Utah Dance Expo       Copper Hills High School    Stage and gym     5445 New Bingham Hwy

You can go to  and see the line up for solo, duo, trio and team line-ups.

Friday    March 11   Solo Duo and Trio competition       Begins at 3:00

The dancers will compete in the small and Main gym.  Check to see which room your dance is in.   Please park in the EAST Parking lot and enter through the East doors.  

Saturday     March 12   Team competition       Most of our dances are on the Stage.  The only dances that are dancing in the gym are:   Super Market,  Everybody Wants to be a Cat, Too Darn Hot,  Good for you, and Suit and Tie.

Fees at the door:  cash or check only   No credit cards.

Solo competition (Friday night)    $5   (ages 3 and Up)

Team competition   (Saturday)    $5  (ages 3-9)  $7  (ages 9 and up)    2 Day pass   $10  all ages      Park in the East parking lot and enter through the East doors.

Below are the times for each team to arrive with Make up on and hair done.   (if you have tried to do the dutch braid and are struggling, come early enough to get some help).  Remember that it’s not unusual for them to get ahead so plan accordingly.  Please arrive at the times we have scheduled.  It gives all involved peace of mind knowing that everyone is ready.  If there is time in between your dances and you leave for lunch etc. please be back one hour before your next dance.  Competition begins at 8:00 AM.   Although I am giving the time you should be there it would be nice for as many who can come early to cheer on our teams.  Its a great motivator for the dancers hearing their studio cheering them on.

Showstoppers         be there by 11:30    Your first dance is Super Market  (it will be performed in the gym)  Dinosaur will dance at approx. 6:15 on the stage.

Divas        be there by 7:00 AM   Your first dances is  I Do Adore   both of your dances are on the stage.   Unstoppable will perform at approx. 5:00

Hot Shots     be there by 7:00 AM   Your first dance is Sunny Day  on the stage.  Everybody Wants to be a Cat will be performed in the gym at approx. 1:15.

Rising Stars     be there by 2:00  Your first dance is  Post It.  Both of your dances are on the stage.  Welcome to N Y will be performed at 5:15.

Super Stars     be there by 8:00    Your first dance is Dreamer.  Both dances are on the stage.  Fashion is My Kryptonite will perform at approx.  4:30.

All Stars   be there by 12:30      Your first dance is Open Hands.   Both dances are on the stage.  Supabeat will perform at approx. 7:25.  Awards will be close to after that.  Your dance is the last dance of the day.

Encore Company    Be there by 7:00 AM   Your first dance is Here I Come.   Everything for you is on the stage except for Suit and Tie.   Grow will be at approx. 12:15,  For you I Will is at 2:50, Suit and Tie is at 4:30 in the gym.

Express Company    Be there by 7:00 AM    Your first dance is Black Bird,  All about the Heart is at 12:30,  Too Darn Hot is at 2:00 in the gym, Past Lives is at 3:30, Suit and Tie is at 4:30 in the gym.

Extreme Company   Be there by 8:00    Your first dance is On a Cloud, Strange Birds is at 1:20, Too Darn Hot is at 2:00 in the gym, Send Me Down is at 4:00.

Excel Company   Be there by 10:00  Your first dance is Uma Thurman, Pretty Hurts is at 1:00, Too Darn Hot is at 2:00 in the gym, Good for you is 5 dances after Too darn Hot in the gym, Hero is at 3:15.

Elite Company   Be there by 9:30  (this is a change from a previous post)   Your first dance is Smoke Stacks, Be Strong is at 12:30, Too Darn Hot is at 2:00, five dances later is Good For you (2:25)both in the gym, then at 2:30 you perform Bravado on the stage,  These are quick changes (Be prepared.)Bravado will be approx. 2:45.

Those teams that need to be there at 7:00 AM, do your best to be good and awake!  Its hard to be some of the first numbers of the day.  We want you to be there ready to dance.  The plan is to get you somewhere to warm up and run your dances.  Let’s Fire It Up!!!! You can do it!!!

There are several awards during the day.  The first one is at approximately 2:00.  The problem with that is Too darn Hot is at the same time. So we will have to be tricky to figure out how to have some of us at the awards while some of us are performing and watching.  Next awards are at 5:30.  Final awards are at 7:40.  They will announce overall High points and Judges choice awards at the final awards.

Good Luck everyone!!!


Competition Dates

Here is a reminder of all of our competition dates.  All team members should have received this through email a few months ago.

March 11-12              Utah Dance Expo               Copper Hills High School               Feb. 8 deadline

April 15-16                Utah Dance Fest                 Dee Glen Smith Spectrum  USU     Logan       March 1 deadline

April 22-23               Gotta Move Competitions         Maple Mountain High School                  March 1 deadline

April 29-30              Dance America Nationals        Juan Diego High School                              March 21 deadline

May 6-7                    Spotlight       (for companies only)      Cyprus High School               I have to send you the entries in so get the money to me by

March 21

For those of you who are entering solo, duo and trios take note of the deadlines above.

Team Auditions June 29 – July 1

Mandatory Parent Meeting          Monday June 22  6:00  at the studio

If you cannot attend, please contact us.  We want to make sure that you are informed of all requirements and expectations.

All out standing accounts must be paid before auditioning.  We won’t be able to place anyone on a team until all fees are paid.

If you cannot make it to the auditions please contact us.

There is a $25 audition fee due the first day of auditions.

June 29

8:30  Registration  (5&6 yrs.)

9-10:15    Learn Combo (5&6 yrs)

10:00     Registration (7-9 yrs)

10:30-12:30   Learn combo     (7-9 yrs)

12:30-1:30    Open studio

June 30

8-8:15      Dancers arrive and receive numbers for auditions   (5&6  7-9 yrs)

8:30-10:30       Auditions

10-11:00    Registration for age 9 + yrs

11:00-12:15      Learn Combo (9-11yrs)        Learn Ballet  (12 + yrs)

12:30-1:30     Learn Ballet  (9-11 yrs)         Learn Combo  (12 + yrs)

1:30-2:30   Open Studio

July 1

8:00-8:30     Dancers arrive and receive Numbers for auditions (9 + yrs )

8:30     Auditions

Estimated finish time  2:30-3:30

Diamond Classic Herriman High School

Here is the information for May 1/2  Competition

This competition takes place at Herriman High School      11917 S. 6000 West   Herriman Utah

Directions:   Take I-15 North get off on the Bangerter Hwy.  Follow until you get to 12600 S. turn left  (there is an In and Out at this light).  Go West until you get to the top of the street where it T’s.  Turn Right onto Mustang Trail Way.  Follow until you see the school on the Right.

All of our dances are on the stage except for Thrift Shop, Diva, Thirsty and XR2. They are in the Gym.

Below are the times we would like you dancers to be the High School:

Minis     7:45   AM         First dance is Thrift Shop (in the gym)         Grow Up is an hour later on the Stage

Jr. Elites    9:45             First dance is Americano           Boots is less than an hour after

Pre teen Elites   2:00    First dance is Tippy Toes         Folding Chair is at 7:00

Teen Elites    11:15        First dance is Fire W/o a Flame           Acapella is at 1:30                You Don’t Even Notice Me is at 7:55

Sr. Elites    10:45           Carousel is first            Acapella is at 1:30          I Don’t Wanna Break   is at 8:10

Jr. Company  11:30       Diva is first in the gym       Fashion is at 4:00        Anchor is at 7:00

Pre Teen Company    8:00     Move is first      Charmed Life is at 10:30      Diva is at 12:50  in the gym     Blow is at 5:00 On the stage

Teen Company     1:15        Thirsty is first  In the gym      My Girls is at 3:30  on stage    XR2  is at 4:30 in the gym   Blow is at 5 on stage    Summer Afternoon is at 7:40 on stage

Senior Company  7:00 AM      Shot me Down is second dance of the day (on stage).   Thirsty is at 2:40 in the gym      XR2 is at 4:30 in gym            Blow is at 5:00 on stage             Give us a Little love is at 8:30 on stage

Awards   for the stage   2:00 for numbers 1-106    Awards for numbers 107-170  at approx.  6:15   final awards for the stage is at approximately 10:00

Awards for the gym will be at 5:30 or after

There is Improv contest for those who want to participate.  Its kind of like the dance off.    Ages pre school to 6th grade is at the Awards around 6:00       Improve for 7th through high school is at the final awards

Friday Night  solo duo and trio

This competition takes place in the Main gym, Auxiliary gym and the stage

Competition begins at 4:00

4:50  Olivia and Austyn    Main Gym

5:10  Abbie Ella   Main Gym

5:10   Sydney Jenna  Kylee  Main Gym

5:10  Nicole Horlacher  Stage

5:30  Maddy Jaqlyn and Dalaney  Aux Gym

5:30 Oaklee  Tingey  Stage

6:05  Brighten   Main Gym

6:10  Evie Crotts   Main Gym

6:30 Baylie Sanderson   Stage

7:15  Cambree Snow   Main Gym

7:20 Aubrey Wyson   Stage

7:30  Aleah Ryder  Aux  gym

7:40  Aspen Smith Aux gym

7:40  Charley and Addison  Stage

7:50  Aleeta Eyre  Stage

8:10  Sydnee Winegar  Aux Gym

8:30  Brandy Sensabaugh  Main Gym

Let me know if you entered and you don’t see your name here

Awards  between 9:30 and 10:00




Gotta Move Competition April 24-25

Maple Mountain High School        51 N. 2550 E.   Spanish Fork

Below is the information for Friday/Solo,Duo Trio competition and Saturday/Team competition

Because we are in our home town it would be awesome if most of you could try to be there for all of the teams to cheer them on.  Having said that I know that it is a pretty long day and not everyone can but lets please try to be there to support.  It makes a big difference in the performance for team members.  Last weekend was inspiring.  I asked the older teams to be there most of the day and they cheered and supported everyone.  Many younger girls were there for the older girls later.  It was wonderful to see the camaraderie between the ages and level of dancers.  We had fun!!! And we did great!!!  Lets do a repeat!

FYI   you can go to and get the complete schedule.  Print it out and bring it with you.

Friday info.

2:45   Doors open

3:30  Competition Begins

This competition takes place in the Auxiliary gym, Main Gym and on the Stage

Stage competition

Cambree Snow   (she is first)   3:30

Aspen Smith   3:45

Jakell smith   4:00

Abbie and Ella   4:15

Oaklee Tingey   4:30

Brighten Bills  4:50

Dalaney, Maddy, Jaqlyn    6:15

Sydney, Kylee, Jenna     8:20

Aleeta Eyre    8:45

Kenadee Limb   10:00

Main Gym

Nicole Horlacher    4:00

Addison & Charley    4:45

Aubrey Wyson    5:10

Olivia & Austyn    5:30

Evie Crotts    6:15

Brandy Sensabaugh  9:30

Sydnee Winegar   9:45

Baylie Sanderson   9:48

Auxiliary Gym

Madison Shepherd  5:00

Aleah Ryder   7:45

Early Awards   Main gym   6:30     Final Awards  in Main Gym     10:30


7:00   Doors open

8:00  Competition Begins


Admission is        One day for Teen and adults  $7    $5  for children 3-12  Two day pass   $10  Teens and Adults   $8 for children 3-12

We would like the teams to be here at these times

Minis        7:30  AM    First dance is  Grow Up    14 dances later  Thrift Shop

Jr. Elites    7:30  AM   First dance is Boots     18 dances later  Americano

Pre Teen Elites    10:30     First dance is Tippy toes     12 dances later is  Folding Chair

Jr. Company    11:00    First dance is Anchor  Your last dance is Diva at approx. 5:30   Anchor awards are at 2:30  you will need to be there till the end for your other dances awards.

Pre Teen Company   3:00    First dance is Move      You will need to stay to the end for Final awards

Teen Company     3:00       First dance is My Girls     You will be there to the end

Sr. Elites   and Teen Elites   5;00     First dances   Carousel, and You Don’t Even Notice     You will be there to the end

Sr. Company    6:00    First dance is Give Us a Little Love     You and  Teen Company will have some quick changes  Be prepared

Thirsty and Blow are in the Gym  don’t forget!

Early awards are at Approximately 2:30   Final Awards will be approximately 10:00  Both in the Main Gym

Reminder   You can go to to get the schedule.

As you can see Minis and Jr. Elites won’t have anyone to cheer them on in the morning so it would be nice to have some dancers there to support them.

Teams don’t forget to wear your Jackets and Pants during the competition!!


We are also posting information on our blogspot –