Team & Company 2017 Auditions

Team & Company Auditions 2017

July 17-19

Heart N Soul Dance Studio

Audition Fee: $30.00 (due first day of auditions)


Monday, July 17

  • 9-11:00    5 & 6 year  learn combo
  • 9:00-11:30  7-10 year learn combo
  • 11:30-1:00 Open rooms to practice

Tuesday, July 18

  • 8:30  dancers age 5-10 arrive for auditions
  • 9-12:00  Auditions
  • 1:00-4:00   11 and older learn combos for auditions

Wednesday, July 19

  • 8:30  Dancers arrive for auditions
  • 9-2:00  Auditions  (This is an estimated time that we feel it will last, dancers will call when they are done)

** We need a completed Team & Company Contract before each dancer auditions. These are available in the studio and can be picked up the first day of auditions. **

**  Reminder-  All fees must be paid in full before auditioning, otherwise your child will not be able to audition.

If you missed the parent meeting on Monday, be sure to pick up a Team & Company Handbook from the front office. When you sign the Team & Company Contract, you agree to the information in the handbook.

Summer Registration is now open!!

Classes will fill quickly, so don’t wait to register! Can’t wait to see you at the HNS studio this summer!

Click here for more info.

Spotlight Competition for Companies

Spotlight competition takes place at Cyprus High School in Magna, Utah.   The address for the high school is 8623 W. 3000 S.  Magna Utah.      The competition begins on Thursday but we don’t participate until Friday Morning.  Below are the times that the girls compete.  I will list the time that they should arrive to be safe.

Friday   Doors open at 9:15     Studio and Teacher check-in

10:00     Junior Solos   the last solo will be at approx. 10:27  in this category and that is Aubrey

10:09     #62   Rotten to the Core   Cambree   #69  The Call  Cambree     #87  Boss   Makenna   #89  The Wire   Lilly

#95  War Paint  Camden     #105   Total Eclipse of the Heart  Aubrey

12:56  Lunch break

1:27   Junior Solo awards

1:52  Teen solos

1:55   #119     Spirit of Life  Maddy A.   3:34   # 150  Explosions  Ella    3:44  #153 Heart Cry  Bailey

4:03  # 159  Let Me Go  Abbie      4:19  # 164 Venus  Jaqlyn   5:24 #186  Castle   Sydney Jenkins   5:59 #197 Truth and Grace Brandy     6:12 # 201   Stay Alive  Jenna   6:18  #203  Writings on the Wall   Sydney Warner

6:28  Dinner Break

7:23  Teen a & Senior Duo Trios

7:45  # 213  Go  Sydney Abbie and Ella

8:04  #219  Here With Me   Sydnee Vinegar    8:17  # 223  Don’t Let Me Go   Kylee

10:23  PM   Awards for Teens and Senior  Solo Duos and trios

Saturday  May 7   Doors open 6:45

We would like Encore Company to be there by 9:00   Express Company  be there at 10:00  Extreme Excel and Elite be there at 2:00

10:37  Junior Group and lines begin

#313  Grow

#319  For You I Will

12:02    Lunch Break

12:25  #325  Here I Come    #331  Suit and Tie  #336  Past Lives   #341  All About the Heart  #346  Black Bird

1:48  Junior Duos/Trios           #350  Dancing in the Dark     #353   Power and Control   #355  Salute

2:37  Dance Downs  for ages 12 & under

3:02  Junior Duo /trio group and line awards

3:37  Teen & Senior groups and lines

#359  Hero,  #366  Pretty Hurts  #375 Uma Thurman #380 Good For You   #382 Strange Birds  #387  Smokestacks

#392  Too Darn Hot

6:05  Dinner Break

6:30 Teen and Sr. continues

#405  On a cloud   #407 Bravado  #410  Send Me Down  #413  Be Strong

8:49  Dance Down for ages 13-19

9:14  Awards


If you want to stay at a Hotel on Friday night here is the info:

Towns Place Suites  West Valley  5473 High Market Drive  West Valley  801-307-3300

Dance America Competition Juan Diego H S April 29-30

Here is the information for the weekend of April 29-30  Competition.

Juan Diego High School    300 E. 11800 S.  Draper, Utah            Enter from 12300 South.  Use the South and West Parking lots.  No Admission   Yea!!!

Solo Duo Trios are on Friday afternoon beginning at 3:30.  Most of them are on the stage except for Brenna, Olivia Garrick and Emma and Bailey duo.  Yours are in the gym.

3:30     # 4   Aubrey Wyson, #16  Camden Wagner

4:30    #20  Aleah Ryder       #23 Makenna Larsen  #24  Madi Johnson  #27  Lilly Atkin       #203   Brenna Cummins in the gym

5:00 #34 Aspen Smith  #37  Lilly and Aubrey     #38 Brandy

5:30  #42  Cambree Addi and Charley

5:40- 6:10   Awards

6:00  in the Gym  #236  Olivia Garrick

6:15  #45  Cambree Jazz,     #51 Jaqlyn Doty,

7:00  Cambree  Lyrical                           #255 in the gym   Emma and Bailey

7:30  #74  Oakley and Brighten  #79  Maddy anderson,

8:15   #85  Baylie Sanderson #93  Abbie Sparks   #97 Sydnee Vinegar, #98  Sydney Warner   8:45  #106  Jenna Muirbrook, #114  Sydney Abbie and Ella

Awards  9:55-10:45



DIVAS AND SUPERSTARS     be there at 8:30



ALL STARS   be there at 10:00

Showstoppers  Walk the Dinosaur is #1    Super Market is #17

Divas   both of your dances are in the gym   #211  is Unstoppable and #231  I Do Adore

Hot Shots     #4  Everybody Wants to be a Cat     #30 Sunny Day

Rising Stars    #9 Welcome to New York is on the stage .  You must change fast into Post It because with in 10-15 minutes you will be performing Post It in the Gym  #207

Super Stars    #24  Fashion is My Kryptonite   #59  Dreamer

All Stars  #47  Supabeat    #67  Open Hands

Encore co    #39  Here I Come  #54  ForYou I will  #73  Grow    #120  Suit and Tie

Express Co    #219    Too Darn Hot in the gym        approx 11:00   #82  Black bird, #96  All about your Heart   #114  Past Lives #120  Suit and Tie

Excel Co    #219  Too Darn Hot in the gym  approx 11:00   #91  Good For You   #102  Uma Thurman  #123  Pretty Hurts  #126  Hero  the last number of the day.

Extreme  Co  #219  Too Darn Hot in the gym  approx. 11:00   #90  On a Cloud  #106  Send Me Down  # 118  Strange Birds

Elite Co    #219  Too Darn Hot  in the gym  Approx 11:00   #83  Smokestacks, #91  Good For You  #101  Be Strong  #111 Bravado


Gotta Move Competition April 22/23

This weekend we will be competing at Maple Mountain High School  51 N. 2550 East, Spanish Fork.  Because we are in our home town lets all get out and support each team all day.  I know that it makes for a long day but each team needs encouragement.   I am going to give the times that each team needs to be there in order to perform their dances.  But please lets all try to be there all day.

Jenna Muirbrook and Kylee Crook compete their solos on Saturday morning at 7:30 on the Stage.  Sydney Warner, Abbie Sparks and Ella Rosenbaum compete their trio and solos at 7:30 in the Large gym.  All other solo duos begin Friday at 3:30.  Go to to look for your lineup for solos

The team competition begins at 9:15.  Our teams are competing on the stage.   There will be other studios competing in the gym so don’t get confused.  “Too Darn Hot”  is our only dance that will be competing in the gym.  They will compete at 1:45.

Again doors open at 9:15

Elite company and Excel Company arrive at 7:30      Hero and Bravado are your first dances.

Showstoppers      arrive at 8:00      Walk the Dinosaur is #2    Supermarket is #16

Divas and Hot Shots    arrive at 9:00    I Do Adore and Sunny Day are your first dances.

Rising Stars    arrive at 10:30  Your first dance is Post It.  Welcome to New York is about 30 minutes later.

All Stars   arrive by 12:30  Supabeat is your first dance.  Open Hands is about 30 minutes later.

Super Stars     arrive by 3:00     Fashion is My Kryptonite is your first dance.  Dreamer is about 40 minutes later.

Extreme and Express Company  need to be there by 12:00    Too Darn Hot is your first dance and is performed in the Gym.

Encore Company    arrive by 3:30    For You I Will is your first dance.

We will have t shirts by Friday maybe by Thursday for dads and Moms.  We ordered for those who said that they wanted one and a few extras.  The cost is $15.

Here is the cost for spectators at the competition:

$7 for one day pass   $5 for children age 3-12       $10 two day pass   $8 for children      $2 for a program